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Extensive testing and research has been done by many of the nation's leading professional dog handlers and well known dog breeders. Each Crown Royaleproduct formula is based on coat texture and body that conforms to the individual breed standard.
When ordering Biovite Shampoo or Magic Touch products, please indicate Breed of dog  it is to be used on
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BIOVITE SHAMPOO All three Biovite formulae are amazingly high-lathering and fortified with Biotin/Panthenol vitamin and Allantoin. Biovite Deep Cleanses and conditions both coat and skin and revitalizes damaged hair by stimulating the skin and accelerating the metabolism of inert cells to promote hair growth and retard shedding. All three formulae give the desired texture to the coat immediately and is lasting. You do not have to wait days for the texture to return.
Formula 1 is designed to specifically give a superfine texture to your dog's coat, along with the proper amount of body. We recommend using Crown Royale Condition Plus on all fine texture coats.
Formula 2 is designed to give a medium bodied texture to your dog's coat. On long coated breeds we recommend using Crown Royale Condition Plus for extra static-free control.
Formula 3 is designed to give a thick, full-bodied texture to your dog's coat. If you feel you need extra texture on the dog's furnishings, use our Crown Royal Bodifier

CONDITION PLUS gives the coat spectacular bounce and static-free manageability in one application. A substantive conditioner is used that bonds to the hair shaft allowing for fantastic control and sheen and keeps the coat from matting. It will condition from shampoo to shampoo. Condition Plus is recommended for all fine and medium textured coats as an after shampoo conditioning rinse. When used as a conditioner for the dog's furnishings, Condition Plus.may also be used on terrier texture leg furnishings to prevent breakage and promote growth. When you wash Condition Plus out of the coat and furnishings, use the appropriate formula Biovite Shampoo to restore your desired texture.

BODIFIER is a texturizing spray concentrate that adds sheen and bounce to coat, is rich in conditioners, and firms the coat texture. Bodifier strengthens the coat and helps prevent breakage while keeping furnishings in place and static-free.

MAGIC TOUCH GROOMING SPRAY CONCENTRATE is the ultimate finishing spray for the show dog. Magic Touch gives luxurious sheen, has no heavy build-up, repels dirt, and prevents coat matting. It is formulated with conditioners, optical brighteners,and silicones. Our special emulsifier allows Magic Touch to be shampooed out easily.
Formula 1 is specifically balanced to enhance fine texture coats. It will give your dog's coat a natural-feeling silky texture along with total control.
Formula 2 is specifically balanced to enhance medium textured coats. It will give your dog a natural sheen, stain repellency and complete control without any change in coat texture.
Formula 3 is specifically balanced for full bodied texture coats. It gives your dog's coat a natural sheen and enhances its full bodied texture.
A special note for poodles. When you wish to remove hair spray from the coat, spray with Magic Touch and it will enable you to brush out the coat without breaking hair.
Magic Touch Grooming Spray is also available in ready-to-use spray bottles.

GROOMING POWDER Our grooming powder is designed to clean and intensify coat color without totally drying out the hair. It is a blend of cleaning powders of proper texture to clean and add texture. Yet, it is gentle enough not to make the hair brittle. Grooming Powder is made in two different formulae. One is for full-bodied coats and one is fir medium-fine coats.

WHITENER gently bleaches white hair and removes most stains without making the coat brittle.


Biovite  Shampoo
16 oz . . . .16.95             Gallon . . . .  51.95
Condition Plus
16 oz . . . . 16.95            Gallon . . . . 51.95
16 oz . . . . . 18.95            Gallon . . . . 59.95
Magic Touch Concentrate
16 oz . . . . 29.95        No gallons Available
Magic Touch Ready-To-Use Spray
16 oz . . . . 15.95
Grooming Powder & Whitner
3 Pound Tub  15.95
1 pound shaker can . . . . . 10.95